Zensa FAQs

Topical anesthetic Numbing Cream

Zensa Topical Anesthetic

1. Does Zensa Topical Anaesthetic really work?

When following the directions, Zensa Topical Anaesthetic will deliver a numbing sensation lasting approximately 3 hours on average.

2. Is Zensa Topical Anaesthetic safe to use?

Yes, both Health Canada and the FDA approve this product.

3. How long do I have to leave the cream on before my procedure?

We recommend applying Zensa Topical Anaesthetic 30-45 minutes prior to your procedure to achieve maximum results.


4. Is it necessary to wrap the area after applying Zensa Topical Anaesthetic? What should I use to wrap it with?

Yes, it is important to wrap the area with an airtight dressing. This will allow a 50%-80% greater absorption into the outermost layer of the cells in the skin. We suggest purchasing our Tegaderm Films for best results, however a combination of Cling Wrap and medical tape can be used as well.

5. How long will the numbness last?

If applied correctly, Zensa Topical Anaesthetic will numb your skin for 2-3 hours. Additional layers can be applied once numbing has begun to subside, and should take effect immediately.

6. How much will one tube cover? 

One 30g tube of Zensa Topical Anaesthetic will cover approximately half of your arm (from wrist to elbow).


7. Do I need to wrap the area when getting a Brazilian?

While we always recommend wrapping the area for maximum results, it is not imperative to wrap the area for a Brazilian. However, it is important to note that this will greatly shorten the length of time that the numbing sensation will last (anywhere from 30-60 minutes without wrapping).

8. Do you offer any products with more than 5% Lidocaine?

Zensa Topical Anaesthetic offers the highest dosage of Lidocaine allowable by Health Canada and the FDA (5%) without a prescription. Therefore, we do not offer any products with a higher dosage of Lidocaine.

9. If I use Zensa Topical Anaesthetic on a monthly basis, will my skin become permanently desensitized?

No, it is safe to use the product repeatedly, and it will not have any long-term effects on the sensitivity of your skin.