Transform your inner world

Mindfulness is ALL about coming back to the present moment. Knowing what you are doing while you are doing it – That is the essence of mindfulness.

So you want to practice it, but not quite sure what it is or how to start? Then this is the freebie for you! Learn how to be more mindful without the overwhelm and with exact practices, delivered directly into your inbox every night!

Take an 8 day journey into your inner world. A collection of mindfulness tips that you can implement immediately, right now, that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. No Fluff. No BS. Just bite size actionable bits that create powerful habits to positively impact your life!

If you’re needing to give your thinking mind a break and want to stop pondering the jungle of pasts and the anxiety of futures, then mindfulness is for you and this mini-course will give you the tips and tools to do just that.

This mini-course covers the BASICS of mindfulness, ironically, that is ALL that mindfulness is about – just the basics! You will learn some of the simple ways that you can practice mindfulness in your own daily life.

REMEMBER: All the magic happens in the present moment

Learn to declutter your mind

You’re busy. You know meditation is good for you, you’ve heard the benefits and you’re going to get around to it.. soon! That’s ok – me too!

But here’s the cool thing. Did you know there’s still a way you can get clarity, focus and declutter your mind, by just implementing a few small changes to your daily routine. (No gym memberships required..)

Let’s go on a journey together for the next 8 days and find out how you can start implementing mindfulness into your everyday routine, and feel the benefits of being more aware and more present in your life.

If this is you...

  • Constantly seeking other peoples approval – even for the tiniest things instead of using your own wisdom.
  • Wanting to be accepted and loved by everyone.
  • Caring waaaaay too much what other people think instead of just listening to their opinions and then making your own decisions with trust and integrity.
  • Getting frustrated with people to make sure they understand ‘YOUR’ point of view, instead of realising that everyone is entitled to their own opinions even if they don’t agree with yours.

Then this is for YOU

CONGRAULATIONS! You’re a human being! You are just like the rest of us (Including me!).

If you want to set up your inner world for success – then join me on this 8 day journey to take TINY but POWERFUL action steps towards a Stronger YOU. This is something you are doing just for ‘you’ – not for ‘them’ (anyone else).

Inside the 7 Day mini course, you will find a toolkit containing a curated collection of words, skills, practices and tips to level up as a human being.

Actual step by step, to the point, direct actions. No Fluffing about. Get in, get it done & get out to move on with your busy day.

What others said..

Relaxing & Beneficial

I found the 8 days of mindfulness challenge really relaxing and beneficial. It’s a daily reminder to stop, take a step back and really reflect, breathe and most importantly love yourself! Highly recommend this challenge to everyone, especially the mums feeling flat or struggling with getting time in for yourself this is definitely for you!

Monique W.

Great Tips

I really enjoyed the 8 Days of Mindfulness. It gave me great tips of things to do each day for a few minutes just to be with myself and help start my day in a good mind frame.

Jacinta C.

Reminded me to pause

I subscribed to the 8 Days of Mindfulness newsletter and I have to say it had a great impact on my day to day juggles. You get to follow different actions every single day in which reminded me to pause and focus with my body and my surroundings. I live my life in a rush and my mind is always full of things and lists of what I am going to do next that I forget to be mindful and tune in with myself, my body and my surroundings and these emails reminded me to do it. After doing these actions, I started to be mindful, be more aware of everything than just focusing on what to do, I am now taking it slow. Thank you so much for this Tanya!

Hannah P.

Start your journey now!

Love yourself enough to trust yourself and trust yourself enough to know that you can achieve clarity and wisdom and become the person you are meant to be.

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