Self Love Freebies

Self care doesn’t have to cost you anything. That’s why we’ve created these free resources, so you can start right NOW. Give your mind the thinking break it deserves and get your mind & body in a cohesive loving state.

Inner Beauty

A Month of Self Love

Get your Self Love on with this 30 day calendar that guides you to do just ONE self love thing everyday. PDF Downloadable Calendar.

9 Self Care Resources

A curated list of Awesome resources covering all dimensions of your health, so you can get started on your self care MINUS the overwhelm.

Free Mini-Course

8 Days of Mindfulness

Learn the basics of mindfulness with exact tips and tools to get you back to the present moment where all the magic happens!

Self Talk

7 days and 7 ways to upgrade your vocab & life. A guide to cut the negativity because 'your words become wings and your thoughts become things'.

Celebrating YOU

It’s ok to be different. Learn to love yourself as the whole person not just some parts of you. These freebies are designed to get you curious and learning about yourself and the beauty of your soul.

Self-confidence is about trusting yourself and your abilities. Self-esteem, on the other hand, is about how you see yourself. It’s about your perception of your worth. No matter what happens on the outside, do you treat yourself with love, care, and respect or not?

Treating your body like a ‘shrine’ will boost not only your self-love but also your energy. Be intentional about what you think and what thoughts you entertain and give importance to.

Mindfulness can help us to relearn, as adults, to take pleasure in fundamental, everyday things that we used to enjoy spontaneously.

Self-love isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity in today’s society. So, start digesting some of the practices below and most of all, have compassion with yourself if you fall short. Then simply brush yourself off and get back into it again. Progress over Perfection.

Check out our curated freebies above and links to other great resources.