Be Fearless this Flu Season

4 Tips for a pain free flu shot

1. Use a Topical Anesthetic

Doesn’t matter what age you are, getting needles can be a painful experience BUT it doesn’t have to be!

Zensa numbing cream understands the pain of needles and is here to help!

Applying Zensa topical anesthetic cream to the injection area prior to your needle will desensitize the area for a pain free flu shot.

Apply to the area for 10 minutes beforehand and this year, your flu shot experience will be pain free & worry free!

2. Relax your muscles

You know whenever you get a procedure the doctor always tells you to relax? There’s a reason for that!

Tense muscles cause fibers to bunch up tightly, creating a tough barrier for the needle, as it has to break through the compact mass.

When muscles are relaxed, the needle will slide between the fibers with ease. An easy way to relax your arm is by putting your hand on your hip like you are posing for a photo while getting the flu shot.

So go on… pout those lips and flick that hair!

3. Drink Lots of water before & after

Us humans are mostly made up of water, that’s why it’s an essential nutrient our body needs. Water is important for EVERY function in the body, but particularly in the case of getting a flu shot, staying hydrated is important as water also acts as a buffer while your body is busy building antibodies for the vaccine.

Furthermore, water carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles. Being well hydrated enables your muscles to tolerate more pain.

4. Choose your non-dominant arm

Choose the arm you don’t write with or work with mostly. You will be less likely to feel discomfort as you are not using it as much and you’re giving it a better chance to rest and recover.

While Flu season is upon us, we don’t have to be trapped by it’s germs jumping from one person to another. Protect yourself from the flu AND from pain. Use Zensa numbing cream to make it a pain free and snot free season!