Love yourself now

It’s time to cut out that negative self-talk girl, it’s killing your goddess vibes. Negative self-talk is like poison for your soul, and you deserve better.

You wouldn’t let dirt build up on your skin, so don’t let it build up in your mind. It’s time to include your mental health in your overall beauty regime with a wash of beautiful thoughts and a healthy dose of positive perspective.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Together we will turn things around.

Are you Listening to your Self?

So, what’s negative self-talk?

Here’s the funny thing about self talk. It doesn’t even have to be the kind that you say with words. It’s your inner voice and it’s what you think about yourself.

Of course it’s avoidance actions aswell – such as avoiding going somwehere or avoiding getting in that selfie because of your flaws!? That’s defeatist talk (or non-talk).

The worst part is you think nothing of it, but it’s suffocating your subconscious. Be cautious of what you say or think to yourself on a daily basis.

Your new Motto

Everyday is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece

Ok, Ok – so you messed up yesterday. Guess what? Today’s a brand new day. EVERYDAY is a new OPPORTUNITY!

To help you cleanse your mind from that toxic environment, we’ve dished up seven of our favourite action steps to get your self love groove back and let your inner goddess shine through.

Sprinkled with some self love affirmations that will help you turn those negative thoughts into rainbows. Check your inbox to get started!

Lets Start.

1. Get into your own business before you get into anyone elses

When you wake up in the morning, don’t grab your phone.

Get into your own business before you get into everyone elses. We all want to check what’s happening in the world as soon as we wake, but seriously, the FOMO needs to chill – Instagram can wait another five minutes.

Check-in with you first

To Do Action:

Take a moment for yourself with some deep breathing: When you first wake up, take a minute (or three if you can) to be still and aware.

Focus on your breathing without allowing your thoughts to wonder. It can be challenging at first, but you’ll get the hang of it if you practice. One way to focus is to feel the sensation of air going in & out of your belly. Up and down. Up and down.

Now you can get on with having a kick-ass day. Repeat your new mantra throughout the day. Really feel that you are worthy as you say the words to yourself.

2. Gratitude

Start the day off with an attitude of gratitude. After your conscious breathing, take a minute to be grateful for all the gifts in your life, and feel truly lucky.

It’s time for you to discover that self-love magic and spend some time there. [But trees, birds and all that fluffy stuff doesn’t count (sure, they’re nice, but we want meaningful progress here!)].

We’re talking deep, like, soul-searchingly deep gratitude. Let’s reach as far as your inner beauty and the core of YOU.

To Do Action:

Begin to sow the seeds of self love. Not in an ego-tistical kind of way, but in a self trust kind of way, that knows you are worthy of that respect to yourself.

Repeat todays mantra through out the day and be deeply grateful for your own self love.

3. Mindfulness During the day

Knowing what you are doing – while you are doing it – is the essence of mindfulness. We trailblaze through the day then next minute it’s dinner time, and we don’t even remember what we had for breakfast! Slow the heck down! You only get one life, sugar. Could you take a second to be aware and enjoy it?

To Do Action:

Name it. Whatever you are doing, give it a name. Describe the feeling of your sheets on your skin.

Tip: Name your breakfast, e.g.”coffee & croissant”.

Set reminders through the day (because we know you won’t remember on your own).

Whenever your reminder goes off, name exactly what you are doing at the time!

4. Be Present

This one is actually a gift you give to yourself. There is no time like the present, so make the most of it. Those thoughts of the past or future that cause you anxiety? Cut them loose; you don’t need that negativity in your life right now. 

Practice presence by being aware of your surroundings and what you are doing there. When thoughts of the past or future creep in, don’t entertain them!

To Do Action:

At lunchtime today, find a place to sit without distraction.

  • Enjoy your food with no screens, focus on each bite and look up at your surroundings
  • Take in everything that’s around you and make a mental list of everything you experience: What do you see, taste, hear, smell and feel?
  • Taking a conscious approach to your experience leaves no room for wandering thoughts about stuff you can’t control right now.

5. Play

It’s time to let your hair down and have some fun!

OK, So you don’t have to go outside and do cartwheels – unless that’s your thing. But do something that doesn’t have to be productive.

You know that playful side of yourself that you keep silencing? It’s time to unleash her in all her playful glory! And NO, not on your phone!

To Do Action:

Set yourself up for greatness. Choose a play activity – something creative and fun. If you’re short on time or at work in an office, try this: 

  • Try getting outside for a walk or jog. Look up in the sky and at nature
  • Find an inspiring space to sit and draw some random artwork  
  • Name game: List all things around you starting with the letter A all the way to Z. Let that creativity

flow and just watch how your mood changes.

6. Nourish Internally

You get what you give in this life, and that goes for what you feed your body. If you eat well, you’ll feel well. If you eat crap, you’ll feel crap. It’s not rocket science, but it is science. Feed your gut to feed your skin because when you feel good, you look good, and this has flow-on effects to your mood.

So cut the crap and cleanse your body with nourishing foods and a good splash of water.

To Do Action:

You don’t have to overhaul how you eat entirely. Decide how you can ‘upgrade’ just one meal today and make it a little bit healthier.

Remember, you don’t always have to take stuff away, you can also add things like a salad or a supplement to your morning coffee (like collagen powder or cinnamon)

7. Recovery Routine

You’re a grown-ass woman; you can go to bed whenever you want, right? Wrong.

Odds are, you’re not getting enough rest. Turn off your screen at least 30 mins before bed and create a body-positive bedtime ritual that includes as many things as you like, such as:

● Shower   ● cleanse your face   ●  do a mud mask

● hydrate with a moisturiser   ● do some reading

BUT for goodness sake, do anything that doesn’t involve a screen for 30 minutes before you sleep!

To Do Action:

To-Do Action:  Create a bed time routine with at least 2 things you like to do. During your routine, focus on the sensations. Pay close attention to touch & smell.

Repeat your manta. Once you hop into bed.

  • Check-in with yourself as you snuggle in and think about one thing you’re grateful for that happened today.
  • Finish off by relaxing your body completely with a body scan.

You have everything you need inside of you


Everyday is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece