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desensitise, heal & restore

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Cosmetic procedures, symbolic arts or scalp pigmentation.

Whether your tattoo carries a very personal meaning or is a form of self expression, a tattoo is a big deal and a well placed tattoo can be an inspiring piece of art you get to carry around with you.

If you have decided to take the leap, we’ve got you covered!

Regardless if it’s your first tattoo, your last, laser or tattoo removal, we can support your cosmetic procedure journey to be as comfortable as possible with Zensa Numbing and Zensa Aftercare cream.

Zensa Numbing

Prepare and numb skin prior to painful procedures including laser hair removal, waxing and tattoos.

Water based, pH neutral and contains Vitamin E, makes this cream perfect for use around sensitive areas.

This formulation quickly calms itching, burning and stinging and also provides temporary relief from pain associated with sunburns and minor skin irritations.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, providing much needed protection and helping skin heal faster.

Can also be safely used used on the face for cosmetic tattooing or microblading.

The benefits of Zensa numbing cream are;

  • Innovative formulation does not constrict blood flow, therefore having no effect on the tattooing process or end result.
  • Contains Vitamin E – an antioxidant that provides anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the healing process.
  • Extensive product Research + Development ensures that the cream works quickly and lasts longer than leading competitors.
  • Not tested on animals.

Zensa Aftercare

Specifically formulated to heal, hydrate and protect the skin.

The Healing cream formula is steroid free and contains simple, all natural, health conscious ingredients such as Grapefruit Extract and Calendula to reduce pain, promote healing and minimize scarring.

The citrus-based formulation absorbs quickly to disinfect, repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Also containing Aloe and sunflower seed, contributing to a faster healing process.

Originally formulated for use post-cosmetic procedures for recovery, such as laser hair removal, waxing or tattooing, Zensa has proven to be useful as part of a daily skin routine to provide hydration and protection from premature ageing.

  • Lightweight consistency of the cream is easy to apply to sensitive skin that has recently undergone laser hair removal or received a new tattoo
  • Soothes the skin repair after sun exposure
  • Effective formulation enhances color and reinvigorates color in existing ink.
  • Swiftly absorbed, non-oily formulation leaves skin feeling moisturized and protected.
  • Bracing citrus top notes, revive and refresh the senses.
  • Not tested on animals.